You should. . .Not a foreign government.

As U.S. citizens, it's OUR right, to speak in America's name in defense of human rights.

And yet, sadly, a foreign country has placed a gag-rule on our nation's recognition of the Armenian Genocide – using threats and intimidation to block legislation that simply calls upon us all to apply the lessons of this atrocity to help prevent future crimes against humanity.

Turkey, which has outlawed discussion of the Armenian Genocide within its own borders, is paying lobbyists millions to export its restrictions on free speech to the U.S.

Take a moment to learn more about the Armenian Genocide and reject Turkey's worldwide campaign of denial by standing up for our right as Americans to condemn genocide – whenever and wherever it occurs.

The Armenian Genocide

From 1915 to 1923, the Ottoman Turkish Government carried out a centrally planned, systematic campaign to exterminate the Armenian people, leading to the death of 1.5 million men, women & children. The Turkish Government continues to deny this crime.

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The Armenian Genocide Resolution

The Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 / S.Res.106) calls upon the President to properly characterize the Armenian Genocide in the yearly April 24th statement and urges that U.S. foreign policy reflect this crime against humanity.

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Turkey's Gag Rule on Congress

Turkey wages a multi-million dollar genocide denial campaign -- effectively placing a gag rule on the U.S. and countries around the world through threats and intimidation. Turkey's calls for silence in the face of genocide is an unreasonable request by an unreliable ally.

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The House Foreign Affairs Committee, on October 10th, adopted the Armenian Genocide Resolution. Urge your Senate and House members to end Turkey's gag rule and pass H.Res.106 / S.Res.106. Take two minutes to send them a free WebFax TODAY!

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